AIKIVISION is led by Nadia Gaillet graduated Mediator at the Institut universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB) and Bachelor of Arts. She took part in several negotiations of collective bargaining. She organized some structures of mediation with employers. She is deeply listening to the interests of the employees but also to the needs of the employers. She teaches classes about the resolution of conflicts at the Ecole d’études sociales et pédagogiques de Lausanne (EESP) and at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. She collaborates with different schools by examinating exams or by being member of the jury for dissertations.

In 2008, she traveled through Indian and Nepalese Himalaya. She stopped at the Centre Panditarama in Lumbini for a meditation’s retreat (Vipassana). She took part in an humanitarian educative project in a Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre in Darjeeling. She organized some classes in yoga and Aikido for children. She also taught drawing.

Ecoute patience

Nadia Gaillet, 1st Dan Aikikai, has devoted herself to the Art of Aikido since six years at Aikido Montreux led by Patrick Cassidy, 6th Dan Aikikai. She participated in several seminars abroad in order to deepen her understanding of this Martial Art. She teaches regularly classes to children and adults. She teaches Aikido to children through the Sport facultatif of the Municipality of Montreux.