Few years ago, I discovered the Art of Aikido, what radically transformed my commitment to the world: I had a dichotomous vision of antagonism and resistance which changed into a relationship that includes the listening the opponents. I am today convinced that the power of Harmony and of Peace can apply to all our relationships and interactions.

Confrontation dichotomique et non constructiveConfrontation qui inclut l'écoute et qui ouvre des possibilités créatrices

Everyday, we face stress’ situation which can lead us to conflicts: conflicts with ourselves, which are expressed by resistances, interpersonal conflicts which can open into important crises in relations. The practice of Aikido allows responding to stressful or antagonistic situations in a respectful and authentic way with the goal to come to terms with oneself and with the others.

Mediation also uses in a different way the values of Harmony, Authenticity in order to solve the conflicts, we face everyday. It offers a space to the conflict, which is inherent to the human nature, in order to transform it into a new creative relationship. Indeed, “Understanding develops common ground from which to proceed in a harmonious relationship.”[1] Listening is an essential quality for solving conflicts. It is the path towards understanding which creates peace.

[1] Moon Richard, The Power of Extraordinary Listening Creating Extraordinary Wealth, p. 167