Mediation: a definition

Mediation: a voluntary procedure of resolution of conflicts

Mediation is a voluntary procedure of connecting two persons or two groups, with the support of a third neutral and impartial person, on a basis of freely accepted rules, in ordure to resolve the conflict or creating a social relationship. This voluntary procedure of resolution of conflicts implies that the mediator creates a protected space of dialogue, in which every person can truly express his point of view.

Mediation: a doorway toward the understanding of everyone

Mediation aims at a mutual recognition and requires a work that allows considering the point of view of everyone. Mediation is the art of learning to do some soul searching. It is a protected space that allows giving a real space to the confrontation: the emotions, the suffering and the anger can be expressed, in order that the conflict can be solved.

Mediation empowers the persons in conflict

Mediation requires the willingness to be an actor and be passive: being aware of his own responsibilities, listening and doing some soul searching. Accepting it, it means for every person to be ready to commit truly in the search of a new relationship. Mediation aims to accessing a new perspective: it wants creating a better relationship for everyone