Mediation allows joining people in antagonistic situations in order that they are able to communicate together about this disagreement. It is a freely decided procedure, by which the mediator supports with empathy the people to express their point of view on the disagreement and top express their hidden emotions in a comforting space. The expression of the emotions and the taking into account of the point of view of the other allows building a bridge between the persons. This bridge opens to new possibilities in the relationship by transforming the conflict and by letting arising solutions, which consider the needs of everyone.

AIKIVISION’s Intervention of mediation in these fields :

– Mediation of neighborhood (conflicts between neighbors);

– Family Mediation (every disagreement in the relationship between parents and children);

– Mediation in matters of inheritance;

– School Mediation;

– Labour Mediation.

AIKIVISION emphasizes in mediation :

– the listening and the recognition of the needs of everybody and the recognition of the emotional reactions created by the conflict;

– an introspective work, which allows considering the point of view of the others;

– the creation of space, which offers new creative possibilities in order to build a new relationship.

The approach of AIKIVISION in mediation:

The Mediation is led with the will to create an open and friendly dialogue in a climate of confidence and reassurance. In this sense, AIKIVISION  follows the philosophy of motivational interviewing and the principles of active listening and empathy developed by Carl Rogers.