Creative and non-violent Resolution of conflicts

Workshop for children

A program of 6 classes taught by Nadia Gaillet (each class is 3 hours)

Listening is an essential skill that when well-done generates harmony. – Richard Moon

What will learn the children during this workshop:

Introduction and definition of a conflict

•    Creating cohesion in the group
•   What do I mean by conflict?
•    Which positive elements can I use in a conflict-provoking situation?

Creating solidarity in a group

What are my reactions in conflicts?

•    What are my instinctive reactions in conflict-provoking situations?
•    How can we change our perspective in a conflict?

Moving freely under pressure

•    Learning to perceive the conflict as an opportunity and not as threat
•    Being present and moving freely

Perceiving the conflict as an opportunity

Expressing our own emotions in a non-violent way

•    Recognizing our own emotions
•    Exploring emotions with movements
•    Expressing emotions by using the messages “I”

Developing the Listening

•   Exploring the principles of listening
•   Discivering active listening

Listening does not mean to agree

The exercises suggested to the children are really various: they include physical exercises related to the practice of Aikido, exercises that develop skills of communication used in Mediation and in the Nonviolent Communication. After the exercises, we will inquire the kids and share our experience in the circle.