Becoming his own mediator

A workshop for adults
A program on 2 days taught by Nadia Gaillet

The participants will explore these aspects:

Discovering our own being:
•  Grounding and keeping our integrity  ;
•  Recognising our emotions and our needs and express them with sincerity ;
•  Discovering our instinctive reactions facing conflicts and pressure.

Authentic Listening:
•  Being present, open and available without judgments and projections;
•  Being in empathy;
•  Facilitating the words of the other.

Transforming his own conflicts and co-creating:
•  Responding to conflicts by keeping our integrity and by not being agressive;
•  Developping creativity.

Participants will discover these aspects through body center, heart  center and mind: they will explore shifts inspired by the principles of aikido and tools of communication based on mediation and Non Violent Communication. Introspection and Sharing are also important in the practice, which support the reflexion and the learning process.