Life brings us a lot of crises, which we have to face. These crises express themselves in different ways: stress, disputes, strong emotions and conflicts. Mediation is an alternative conflict management, which allows confronting the points of view and expressing emotions in order to transform the disagreement into a new relationship, which is more beneficial for all the parties in conflict.

AIKIVISION provides a neutral and benevolent space to deal with conflicts by combining the essential principles of Aikido and professional Mediation. Our philosophy encourages introspection and reflection, and is based on a holistic vision. Our approach makes use of both physical and communication exercises which borrow from Aikido’s focus on balance achieved through cooperation. We offer you a framework where you can transform a conflict into a new relationship by allowing the emotions to be expressed by all parties.

litige sans issue Expression des émotions Nouvelle réalité dans la relation

The kanji AIKI expresses in Japanese Harmony and Reconciliation between Human Beings.  AIKI includes the inquiry towards balance and harmony between the body, the heart, the mind and the surroundings. This inner state allows making consensual decisions by listening to, acknowledging and addressing the needs of everyone concerned.

Services offered by AIKIVISION:

– Workshops and seminars on non-violent conflict resolution (separate sessions for children, adolescents and adults)

–  Mediation sessions for parties seeking resolution of a conflict or policy difference

–  Development of custom-made mediation structures for a company or organization

–   Neutral meeting space (with or without monitoring) as part of the mediation structure

–   Individual support and counseling during professional or personal negotiations, including debt or employment issues, harassment, and legal rights issues

–   Guest lecturing and coaching for school and university students and staff

–   Advice on resources for teaching non-violent conflict resolution

–  Referrals to appropriate government or professional services as needed


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